Spring Break International!

Some interesting facts about spring break show that on average 1.5 million students go on spring break vacations every year and it is during that time that many of these students put themselves at the most risk. It has been shown that on average college students are more prone to binge drink (more …

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Spring Break Activity Ideas

Before you and your friends head out for Spring Break, here are some ways you can help spread the word about driving impaired and help keep everyone safe.

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Spring Break WUT WUT!

It’s that time of year again, time for everyone to forget the burdens of school, jump in your trucks and head to the coast for a week of awesomeness, adventure, sun, and partying. Just remember, don’t let the excitement get to your head, one of the biggest risks with the college experience of spring…

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The 2015-2016 Collegiate Advisory Board Application is OPEN!

If you have the drive to help save live and are a leader in your school, we urge you to apply for the Collegiate Advisory Board!

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Driving the Message Contest >>>College Edition>>>

The Driving the Message Contest is OPEN! Submit your short video or t-shirt design for a chance to win a $500 scholarship.

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U in the Driver Seat Home


U in the Driver Seat was created in order to promote peer-to-peer education on the risks of impaired driving. This initiative was inspired from the highly successful Teens in the Driver Seat© which began over 10 years ago aiming to reduce the large amount of teenage deaths due to car accidents.

U in the DrUDS-smalliver Seat seeks to give college students the tools and information in order to help them educate one another about the dangers of driving which often including driving under the influence. Each program is unique to the college it is located at. Additionally, UDS does not follow any set curriculum allowing students the opportunity to personalize the program to their own distinct collegiate cultures and environments. Despite the diversity of our program our ultimate goal is the same – reduce the number of college students involved in car accidents.

With the support of the Texas Department of Transportation the Texas A&M Transportation Institute has been able to expand the program statewide. Read more by visiting our About Us page below.